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Project Description: was originally setup through GoDaddy, using their website builder and online store builder.  At that time, this site had around 20 products, mostly focusing on Tesla model floor mats and cargo liners.  Joe reached out to me because he wasn’t happy with the limitations GoDaddy had.  He wasn’t able to customize his site the way he wanted and there was no easy way to add the 4,000+ products that he wanted to offer.

Upon accepting the project, I imported in all 4,000+ products that Joe offered, including the specific product images for each product, pricing (MSRP and Joe’s price), and more.  I implemented a “Vehicle Products Filter” which allows visitors to select their vehicle make, model and year to easily find all products available for their specific vehicle.  With over 4,000 offered products for 36 different vehicle makes (and hundreds of vehicle models), this was a must.

I setup his homepage to allow visitors to easily find car accessories for their specific vehicle make, model and year using the vehicle products filter mentioned above.  I also added content that promoted the benefits of the 3D MAXpider floor mats and cargo liners he was selling, in addition to showcasing the great customer reviews he had received.

Joe also had landing pages setup which he would link to from different referral sources.  I was able to recreate these pages and setup link redirects, so visitors would be automatically redirected to the landing page on the new site.  This saved Joe from having to change the website links he had previously posted.  I also customized these pages to help visitors find exactly what they were looking for.  For example Joe had a Tesla Motors Club landing page which would show the benefits of his floor mats, all the Tesla products he offered and a specific coupon code.  I made it easier for these visitors to find accessories for their specific Tesla model without having to see products for different Tesla models.

I setup a blog on his site which allows Joe to post about the additional benefits of his floor mats/cargo liners, do comparisons with other floor mats and other various content such as an installation and cleaning guide.

After implementing his new site on his domain, I taught him how easy it was to make edits to his site, including adding new products and pages and making changes to his current pages.

I also showed Joe how easy it was to view, manage and monitor his new incoming orders through his website and synced up Shipping Easy with his site, so he could monitor orders from his website directly and eBay orders together in one spot.

Website Hosting was originally hosted on through a Managed WordPress plan.  The problem was, the website was not loading as fast as Joe would like.  Page load times would be anywhere from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.  This was an issue, as with page load times this slow, traffic was likely leaving the site as no one likes to wait for websites to load.  I went ahead and recommended that Joe moved his site from GoDaddy to my hosting server.  After duplicating his site onto my hosting server, his site had load times under 2 seconds!

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