How It Works



The first step of creating a successful performing website is to get to know you and your business. Understanding your specific objectives, goals and target audience(s) are vital for us to craft a site that will help you successfully reach your goals.


The creative designing phase translates brand identity into a website design that is tailored to meeting your specific goals and objectives.  We refine your brand identity, ideas and values, then use our artistic inspiration to create your site design. This process is highly collaborative and interactive. We’ll be in contact with you to revise the design according to your ideas and input.




On the technical side, the website development process includes elements such as implementing and configuring plugins to help increase your websites functionality, creating your homepage and interior pages, inserting content and images, designing interactive contact forms, implementing payment gateways, and configuring the WordPress CMS (content management system).


During the launch phase, we ready your new website to go live to the world. Part of that process includes configuring website hosting, connecting the new website to your other integrated systems, and tests to make sure everything is perfect before going live! Our partnership doesn’t end once the website goes live: we’re here to support you with technical, marketing, and strategy support.


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